Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Photography Class

Last semester, Fall 2007, I took Photography 1. I loved it! I honestly never knew that taking a picture used to require more then just a point and click. My professor was amazing and I learned so much. If I had the money and a place to put a dark room I would pursue photography at least as my own resource, but, alas. At least it gave me a chance to try out a field of art I never would have thought I'd be good at or try. All photos were taken with a 35mm. [The above photo is a classmate during our first session trying out our cameras and getting used to shutter speed, fstops, and depth of field].

My first project was to experiment with depth of field. I used my dog, Kodi, who is a Carolina Dog and Shepard mix. He photographs much better in black and white then he does in color sometimes.

My friend Jennifer, who loves to pose for the camera was perfect for this project. We had to take photos that focused on perspective [worm's, bird's, ect. eye view] and reflections.

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Anonymous said...

Jess, everything in here is REALLY beautiful. I love the photo of Kodi where he's in the front and everything in the background is blurry. All the photos of Jen are really good, and I like all of the drawings.