Thursday, January 8, 2009

What is...?

I added a "What is...?" paragraph to my website. What is scratchboard? I'm asked that question a lot and thought I'd finally put a little blurb in explaining it before viewing my actual scratchboard examples. I used the easy approach, wikipedia, and got a nice quick sum up.

I hope to one day write a more in depth, with pictures, more personal, 'What is...?" when I have the time.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Yogster Cat

Happy 2009! I hope everyone had a lovely new year's and will have a great 2009! I'm hoping for a great new year! To start off the new year here is a new commission I finished. I was very excited to do this one, especially considering I know this cat in person. He's a big orange tabby cat named Yogi. One of my favorite nicknames for him is Yogster. He's very friendly, smart but dumb; he'll sit and give paw for treats and yet he has run through a banister and caused himself internal bleeding [he was fine!].

I definitely want to practice cats more and I still have yet to do some experimenting out of the scratchboard realm. I hope that day will come before classes start and my free time is limited. We'll see.

Medium: Scratchboard with watercolor wash
Size: 5x7