Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Solitary Dog

I finished the charcoal dog the other day. Everything is sent out the SAA and fingers are now crossed. I won't know until mid November if I've been accepted. In the meantime...when I showed the owner of the reference I was allowed to use...I wasn't expecting this:

Hi Jessica! I LOVED the drawing, you did a really wonderful job, and on behalf of me and my whole family, thank you for doing it. ^^ You see, we recently had to put Wren down, due to old age and sickness that she just couldn't combat any longer. She was a very vital and loved part of our family, and it has just been heart breaking these past few weeks living without her. We've been trying hard to get back on solid ground around the household, and especially for my mom, this portrait has just been lovely in helping us get there. She cried tears of joy when I showed it to her. ^^ And my dad, as a traditional-art-loving guy.. really applauds your skill! As do I.  

Once again, a big thanks from the James family. 

- Evan 

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Black & White Dog: WIP 1

I'm gathering my 5 pieces of work to submit to the Society of Animal Artists tomorrow. I'm hoping I get in this year but we shall see. I wanted to make sure I had a good variety of mediums to show. I have scratchboard and pastel but I wanted to get one more in. So, I started a charcoal this afternoon. I don't usually work in charcoal but I wanted something I could work with relatively quickly. Surprisingly all of my pastel work is making charcoal a lot easier then I thought. I think that is because charcoal is relatively similar to pastels. I found this beautiful photo and was given permission to use it as a reference. I am really liking the results so far.
Medium: Charcoal

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sleepytime Complete

Sleeptime Wolf is...complete! I think I'm pleased with it. I can always go back & work on it but for now I'm going to leave as is. Not sure if I want to sell it but I am offering prints! Nice and affordable! 5x7 are $5 & 8x10 are $10. I can do larger prints if needed. Contact me if you'd like to place an order. 
Medium: Scratchboard with an ink wash & acrylic for the rocks
Size: 8x10

Friday, October 8, 2010

Sleepytime WIP2

Sleepytime wolf gets an update. I was able to get a solid 2 hours of work on it yesterday. Relatively happy with it so far. I'm thinking of experimenting & using acrylics to paint in the rocks. We shall see!

Medium: Scratchboard

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A new WIP out of boredom

In anticipation of the Society of Animal Artists member submission deadline I've been trying to put together new/better pieces of artwork. I started this WIP earlier today out of boredom. I love the pose of this wolf. He looks so comfy sleeping on his pile of rocks. Depending how the rest of scratching goes I may or may not submit it.
Medium: Scratchboard