Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Final Photography Project

The final for my photography class I took the Fall semester 2007 was to do whatever we wanted. I decided to do a series of shelter animals for my love of animals and that I would be likely to use the photographs I took as references for my artwork. I went to Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter in NJ. Taken with a 35mm at 1/60 with various f-stops depending on the lighting.

I'm sure some of these animals are still there. They were all very friendly and delightful models! While I was taking the photos I was so immersed in getting an accurate shot I didn't have time to see how precious they all were and how much they all needed homes. Processing the photos and looking at them now...I wish I could have taken them all home.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Photography Class

Last semester, Fall 2007, I took Photography 1. I loved it! I honestly never knew that taking a picture used to require more then just a point and click. My professor was amazing and I learned so much. If I had the money and a place to put a dark room I would pursue photography at least as my own resource, but, alas. At least it gave me a chance to try out a field of art I never would have thought I'd be good at or try. All photos were taken with a 35mm. [The above photo is a classmate during our first session trying out our cameras and getting used to shutter speed, fstops, and depth of field].

My first project was to experiment with depth of field. I used my dog, Kodi, who is a Carolina Dog and Shepard mix. He photographs much better in black and white then he does in color sometimes.

My friend Jennifer, who loves to pose for the camera was perfect for this project. We had to take photos that focused on perspective [worm's, bird's, ect. eye view] and reflections.

Old work, new spot

I decided to make a large post of some of my 'best' work from over the years. Most of these drawings were on Deviant Art but I want them on the blog with a more direct link. Also, since my website is in the works this will serve as my 'mini portfolio'.

Fire Stallions, Acrylics, Project in Color Theory experimenting with the color red and transparency.

Baby Still Life, Charcoal Pencils, Independent project experimenting with still life

Childhood Innocence, Charcoal Pencils, independent project

Dragon Lady, Colored Pencil, independent

Wyoming Knott, Pen and Ink, gift for a friend

The L was Licked, Pencil, Project for Commercial Illustration

Harvesting Squirrel, Scratch board with a water color wash, independent

In Loving Memory, Scratch board with a water color wash, gift for a friend

Tropical Pepper, Water color and marker, independent

More About Me...

Artist Statement
The passing of a loved one can break your heart, but the passing along of a loved one’s talent can mend your soul. My mother was an accomplished artist who passed away when I was a young girl. Her loss was tragic, but what helped me through the hard times was that even though she had passed away, she had passed her art talent on to me.

The motivation to expand my art skills at a young age came from the influence of my mother, even though she was not on earth physically motivating me. By advancing my skills in painting, drawing, and etching I felt a further connection to her. Art always held within it a spiritual value for me. The same spiritual aspect I apply to my artwork I receive from my love for animals. Animals have influenced my artwork from the first time I picked up a pencil. I find the creative use of animal subjects gives the subject of my artwork an essence of spiritual power.

When I am in my own space completely focused on my artwork, I feel rejuvenated and content with myself. Feeling this way helps me create pieces of artwork that are more than just pencil on paper, or painting on canvas, but an outlet to express myself in a way that I could never accomplish verbally.

On my journey I would like to develop my artwork by using all of the skills that I have and will learn to make my artwork a unique and powerful spiritual tonic for others and myself.


My first post on my new blog. If you are reading this, welcome! My name is Jessica Kale and I am an illustrator. I have an Associate in Fine Arts and I am currently a full time student going for my BFA.

I do not have an official website to post my artwork so I am using this blog for now. During the summer I hope to start taking classes to learn some basic website design and skills to create my own official website. I will post previews of pieces I am working on, as they progress, finished pieces, and relevant news in this blog.

Comments are welcome, critiques, suggestions are encouraged. Enjoy and please feel free to contact me!