Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Old work, new spot

I decided to make a large post of some of my 'best' work from over the years. Most of these drawings were on Deviant Art but I want them on the blog with a more direct link. Also, since my website is in the works this will serve as my 'mini portfolio'.

Fire Stallions, Acrylics, Project in Color Theory experimenting with the color red and transparency.

Baby Still Life, Charcoal Pencils, Independent project experimenting with still life

Childhood Innocence, Charcoal Pencils, independent project

Dragon Lady, Colored Pencil, independent

Wyoming Knott, Pen and Ink, gift for a friend

The L was Licked, Pencil, Project for Commercial Illustration

Harvesting Squirrel, Scratch board with a water color wash, independent

In Loving Memory, Scratch board with a water color wash, gift for a friend

Tropical Pepper, Water color and marker, independent

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