Thursday, October 21, 2010

Black & White Dog: WIP 1

I'm gathering my 5 pieces of work to submit to the Society of Animal Artists tomorrow. I'm hoping I get in this year but we shall see. I wanted to make sure I had a good variety of mediums to show. I have scratchboard and pastel but I wanted to get one more in. So, I started a charcoal this afternoon. I don't usually work in charcoal but I wanted something I could work with relatively quickly. Surprisingly all of my pastel work is making charcoal a lot easier then I thought. I think that is because charcoal is relatively similar to pastels. I found this beautiful photo and was given permission to use it as a reference. I am really liking the results so far.
Medium: Charcoal


Sarah said...

wow, thats really good!

Was wondering when you might be able to do Chances portrait? We have already hung Scooby's up, and it looks even more amazing on the wall.

Jess said...

Thanks Sarah! Now that everything for the SAA is done I will be starting on my commissions. I should be getting to Chance within the next 2 weeks.