Thursday, July 15, 2010

Baby Blue Eye

My obsession with cat eyes continues. This reference was of an adorable foster kitty named Cappy with the most dazzling blue eyes or in this I think this is my best eye experiment to date. I'm thinking of doing a small series of 4 cat eyes to display in a square format in my gallery show. Oh, yes, if I did not mention earlier and am too lazy to go back and check I have finally found a place to display my artwork! It'll be some time in early September so keep checking for updates.

Anyway, I really like this eyes especially because I seem to be having an easier time getting the surrounding fur to look realistic. Further experimenting shall on to the drawing!

Medium: Pastel Pencils
Size: 5 x 5 1/2

And in further news...I have started selling prints and original artwork on ebay! After being accepted to Art for Critters [yay!] you are required to sell a drawing on ebay with a portion of the proceeds going to a rescue. I usually do that anyway but now it'll be even better because it's part of a well known group! So check me out on ebay for what I have in stock.

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