Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Online Newspaper Review of Gallery Opening

I'm so excited to announce that my first art show made it into the local online newspaper!

Artist’s Love of Animals Comes to Life at Art Show

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If you were lucky enough to attend Jessica Kale’sfirst art gallery opening last Friday evening at Erin Anthony’s Artistic Endeavors Art Studio & Gallery  in Little Falls, you’re probably still marveling at the expertise of Kale’s intricate artwork.  Perhaps you even purchased a print or an original. Perhaps you’re already a collector.
Kale’s etchings and watercolors speak to animal lovers of all types because her work primarily focuses on animals.
“I find the creative use of animal subjects gives the subject of my artwork an essence of spiritual power,” states Kale in an Artist Statement distributed at the opening.
Using a technique known as scratchboard, Kale meticulously creates warm renderings of animals ranging from cats and dogs to wolves and birds. Some of Kale’s art is done with watercolor paint.
The daughter of a well known etcher in the art world, Linda Kale, Jessica was born weighing a mere one-and-a-half pounds.  Tragically, her mother died during childbirth.
Jessica is proud to carry her mother’s talent gene for art saying, “When I’m painting and etching, I feel a connection to my mother.”
Diagnosed at three months with pulmonary hypertension, the artist underwent two double-lung transplants in early adulthood at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center.  Today, she volunteers her time with NJ Sharing.  The artist holds an associate’s degree in fine arts and is currently studying for her bachelor’s degree in illustration.
The collection of 26 pieces was exhibited at Artistic Endeavors and works not sold are still available on her website.  Her work may also be commissioned through her small business venture.
Kale lives with her dog, Ellie, and two cats, Jasper and Evey. Her proud father, Marty Kale, said that seeing his daughter create art and smiling is one of the most important gifts in his life.

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