Thursday, December 10, 2009

The power of Google

I know I haven't posted any new work in awhile. I've been really busy with class work and other things. I hope over the break I can get back into it and I'm really looking forward to my next semester of classes. Anyway, I wanted to post this here at least for my own memory incase I lose it. I received an email a week ago from someone that found me via google.
Hi There!

My name is Jamie H***** and I am a librarian in Colorado. My library district is going to be celebrating Jack London's Call of the Wild in April 2010 and I was hoping that we may be able to get your permission to us your black and white illustration for Call of the Wild on some of our posters. Unfortunately, we do not have a budget for this, however. Please let me know if you might be open to working something out.

Jamie H*****
Delta County Libraries
Delta, CO

Last name x-ed out for privacy. But, I was flabbergasted when I received this. She said she found my illustration typing in 'Call of the Wild'. I love google. And, of course I said yes!

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