Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My Childhood Memory

My first project for Illustration 1. Illustrate a childhood memory. My grandmother recently passed away and to remember her I decided to illustrate a memory of her. She was an amazing cook and a cherished memory I have is helping her bake her delicious apple cake. This was my first time working in Gouache paint. We are required to work with this medium and I'm not sure I like it yet. It is certainly different than working with acrylics or watercolor. Hopefully as the semester continues I will learn how to better 'tame' this medium.

Composition: Gouache on Bristol Paper

Final: Gouache on Illustration Board


Joie said...

I really like this Jess. The final version is also decidedly an improvement. Definitely good for your first experience in a challenging new media especially since its people. I love the way you set it up and the fact that your hands (little you in the picture) are doing something. The emotions come across very clearly. It also is well planned out and set up. I'm very impressed.

Julie said...

This is amazing work Jess <3 I absolutely love it. As Joie said, the emotions are very easily displayed and even though the medium was difficult for you, you really rose to the challenge and portrayed a sweet and everlasting memory. I can really see how close you and your Grandma were, even when you were a little girl. She would be so proud of you right now. ^_^