Sunday, February 14, 2010

Kodi Fundraiser

Losing an animal is never easy. I feel like a part of my life has been removed. But I know it will get better every day but that doesn't help with the first few. Anyway...

As I'm sure many know how expensive medical bills can be. I hate the idea of asking for money so I tried to think of a way I can make it a little easier to pay off the bills but make it beneficial for everyone, as well as a way of remembering Kodi. So, I have decided to offer pastel pet portraits to those interested. All of the money earned will go directly to paying off Kodi's medical bills.

I am offering Pastel Pet Portraits. This offer will only be available until March 15, 2010
There is a non-refundable $10 deposit
Unmatted Pastel Portrait
5x7- $20
8x10- $25
Shipping- $1
Matted [black mat] Pastel Portraits
5x7- $30
8x10- $35
Shipping- $2
Please provide high quality photographs of your pet. Keep the photo from neck up. I am sorry but I am not doing full body portraits at this time. If you are really interested in full body please contact me.
Delivery within 4-6 weeks.
It'll be first come first serve according to when I get the $10 deposit.

Only click on the button to put down your deposit


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